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I had gotten an unsocialized (then spoiled by me) Maltese puppy. His first visit to Liz was traumatic (mostly for her!!!) LOL!! Riley acted like CUJO! But by the end of the grooming she totally had him 'trained'. He now goes there and he knows what is expected of him and he is good for her. She also steered Riley and me to puppy classes and he loved that. Liz even noticed when one of Riley's eyes was red and recommended something to give him before it turned into something worse where he'd need a veterinary appointment. I trust her completely with Riley, he is always groomed how I like him and she also does his ears, nails and clearing the hair from near his eyes. I couldn't do all that by myself. LIZ ROCKS!!!!!

Jody Sloan

Our Alaskan Malamute is a good boy until you bring out the nail clippers !! The vet decided sedation was the solution, but Tango had a bad reaction to the anesthetic. We called Caygeon Canines, Liz was our savior.She came to our home and had Tango's nails done in record time.We cannot express how grateful we are to have her. Her expertise and no nonsense approach cannot be surpassed.

We highly recommend Caygeon Canines to any pet owner.

Rick & Jan Barley, Bobcaygeon,Ontario

Oh how I wish I still had Liz as my dog’s groomer – when I moved away from Bobcaygeon I knew how much I would miss her and her expertise. I always knew when I dropped Tyler off how well taken care of he would be and how beautiful he would look when I picked him up. Yes, I was “fined” by Liz for bringing him in with too many mats – but she would also explain to me how to groom him properly so it wouldn’t be so hard on him when I brought him back next time for grooming. What I really miss is not only Liz’s grooming skills – it’s also her knowledge on dog behavior and the added bonus of her vet tech background (I’ve been to 3 groomers since moving from Bobcaygeon and NONE of them have had the background or experience that Liz has!).

If your dog (and/or cat) are lucky enough to have Liz has their “stylist” – they are in very good hands – I just wish I lived closer – she is so very missed!

Susan Stanford

Thank you, I am now a believer in e-collars ! It took you only one day and one lesson to take my Boston Terr/ Beagle mix from an undisciplined teenager to a satisfactory and interesting little girl showing signs of respect. She didn't even know the basics, and as a novice myself I needed help to get her attention and in the right direction towards better behaviour.

You have now given her the basics with the assistance of an e-collar and she now appears to have the makings and understanding as to what is required of her. Now I will be able to spend more time with her concentrating on the finer points of a better understanding and respect for each other.

Thanks again to you and your E-Collar training…

Al Pilcher

My dog Maddy (a Wire Haired Fox Terrier) and I are always delighted to visit Liz. Maddy gets to hang out with a great lady and her dogs, and I love to talk with Liz. I appreciate the rapport she has with my dog and the excellent job she does in grooming her. I am also very appreciative of Liz for introducing me to the electronic training collar. I do not have occasion to use it in the city, but it allows me peace of mind when walking Maddy in our woods north of Bobcaygeon. She could meet animals larger than she, and it is very reassuring to know that, in wearing the collar, she will come to heel quickly when I ask her to do so.

Thanks Liz for all your help.

Jennie Davidson

This is our beautiful, long haired cat named Casper. His gorgeous white hair can sometimes become unmanageable and overwhelming for the big guy. Liz at Caygeon Canines is a skilled groomer, who has confidence and is a true master of the “cat” grooming world as well. Casper thoroughly enjoys Liz’s wonderful scratches and love, while she trims him to perfection. He is a whole new man when she’s done with him. Liz is worth the hour drive we have to Bobcaygeon and always is willing to schedule an appointment that works for us. We would definitely recommend Liz to anyone who would love a trim without sedation.

Truly worth it and our man feels like a King afterwards!!

Jenn & Dwight, Manilla

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