Caygeon Cats & Canines Grooming's
Animal Grooming Services

Pickup and delivery for a small fee is available for in-town customers who can't get to the shop.

Nail trims and quick face cleanups are available free of charge in between grooming visits for regular clients.

Dog Grooming

Why not treat your furry friend to a relaxing and rewarding dog grooming treatment from Caygeon Cats & Canines Grooming that will be both beneficial to your pet’s health and its appearance. Brushing, clipping, bathing and blow drying available.

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Cat Grooming

For us, cat grooming is much more than a job, and it is this commitment to excellence that separates us from others in this field. So, if you want the best for your furry feline friend make sure to call us today. Some cats just need a few matts combed out and a nail trim. Others may benefit from a full body clip, especially older cats who aren't grooming themselves very well anymore and won't tolerate humans trying to help them, cats with hairball issues from overgrooming, or people in the home with allergies.

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Animal Nail Care

Not only is it crucial that your pet’s nails are trimmed so that they look good, but shorter nails are less likely to get caught on things and break, it's easier for the dog to walk properly when the nails aren't touching the ground, and that can prevent the toes from actually becoming deformed, which can cause arthritis. Long nails, especially dewclaws, can sometimes curl right around and grow back into the pad, which is very painful. Cats appreciate not getting stuck in carpets and blankets (or their human family), and older cats tend not to use their claws for scratching, leading to the nails not shedding properly which causes large nails that can grow around and back into the foot.

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Ear Cleaning

Many pets go their whole lives without ever needing their ears cleaned, but some need regular cleaning, especially those breeds that spend a lot of time in the water. Some dogs have chronic yeast issues with their ears. Checking the ears, and cleaning if necessary, is always included with regular grooming.

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Anal Gland Draining

Anal gland draining is one of those treatments that isn’t pleasant for either the dog or the pet care professional performing the task, but is still very important for your canine’s overall well-being. Some dogs never need this done, while others can have chronic issues. Anal glands are usually checked while in the bathtub, and emptied if necessary.

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